We have recently put through a number of our staff members through the IHCD FPOS Training Course. The course comes in three different difficulty levels, these are basic, intermediate and enhanced. We have put our staff through the Intermediate level.

The purpose of this training course is enable members on the scene to provide intermediate care in the initial stages of an emergency. The intermediate first person on scene course is designed to provide the learner with the effective skills and knowledge they need.

There are many different sections to this course, the topics include:

  • Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation
  • Patient Assessment
  • The pre-Hospital Environment (including minimising the risk of infection)
  • Trauma Related Emergencies.
  • Circulation and Shock
  • Respiration and Airway Management

Training Courses Offered

Here at Outdoor Medical Solutions we offer many different training courses that are designed to teach the learner a wide range of skills useful for any emergency. These skills could be potentially live saving.