Our fleet and medical equipment allow us to deliver the best possible service wherever and whenever it is needed

Our modern fleet of emergency ambulances, PTS ambulances and other specialist vehicles allow us to deliver a service that is professional, reliable and meets your requirements at an affordable price.

All OMS vehicles are fully equipped and carry defibrillators, full resuscitation equipment and full personal protective equipment  as standard. All OMS equipment is regularly tested and calibrated to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

In addition to vehicles and medical kit we can provide radio communications operated on our own frequencies and live tracking and dispatch systems.

4×4 All terrain ambulances

Our 4×4 fleet come into their own when conditions demand a vehicle that can go anywhere.

For remote filming locations, events on difficult terrains or for ambulance needs in adverse weather conditions including floods and snow our fully equipped 4×4 vehicles ensure that expert medical services can be in the right place whenever they are needed.

Bariatric Ambulances

We have specialist bariatric vehicles providing stretchers, wheelchairs and trained staff to provide safe, comfortable and dignified transport for bariatric patients.

We can provide:

  • Emergency Ambulances
  • Patient Transport Ambulances
  • Bariatric Ambulances
  • 4×4 ambulance vehicles
  • Quad Bikes
  • On site field hospitals
  • Single medics with fully equipped medical kit bags
back of vehicle
oms fleet
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