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Patient Transport

Outdoor Medical Solutions provide independent patient transport services throughout the UK for customers who require it. We are recognised by the CQC and NHS and have been providing patient transport services since the companies infancy.

We hold a wealth of experience and skills in providing a public ambulance service and patient transport to the general public. Add this to our state of the art equipment and friendly customer care you receive a high quality service focused on you.

Who can use our patient transport services?

We believe that any patient that have the below requirements qualify for patient transport:

  • Arriving at the hospital as an inpatient
  • Arriving at the hospital for a day case treatment
  • If you are visiting outpatient clinics
  • Arriving at the hospital if you require tests
  • Departing the hospital to go back home after a hospital stay or an appointment has been completed.
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Commonly Asked Questions for Patient Transport

[/av_textblock] [av_iconlist position=’left’] [av_iconlist_item title=’How do I arrange patient transport’ link=” linktarget=’no’ icon=’ue854′ font=’entypo-fontello’] If you need to get from one location to the other with the addition of medical supervision then you can request transport by calling Outdoor Medical Solutions on 01291 440 299.
[/av_iconlist_item] [av_iconlist_item title=’What do I need to prepare?’ link=” linktarget=’no’ icon=’ue8bc’ font=’entypo-fontello’] If you are going to the hospital or to your appointment then you need to make sure you are packed and ready to travel at the pre-booked time of pick up. You may only carry one item of luggage due to space restrictions in the vehicles.

If you are leaving hospital or your appointment then the same luggage allowance applies, please make sure that any extra luggage is picked up prior to our arrival.
[/av_iconlist_item] [av_iconlist_item title=’Cancelling if no longer required?’ link=” linktarget=’no’ icon=’ue813′ font=’entypo-fontello’] If you no longer require our service then we really need to know. If the patient transport was arranged by yourself then you can cancel by calling Outdoor Medical Solutions on 01291 440 299.
[/av_iconlist_item] [av_iconlist_item title=’How can I provide feedback?’ link=” linktarget=’yes’ icon=’ue836′ font=’entypo-fontello’] If you have enjoyed your patient transport experience then please feel free to write us a review. Please email your review to info@outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk we are always happy to hear what our customers think.
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Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your needs please contact us today.
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