Safety Tips From The Experts

Summer festivals are the epitome of a fun time, with sun, friends and great music to enjoy over a long weekend. Unfortunately though, festivals can also be a convenient breeding ground for various types of safety issues from pickpockets to personal health. If you are heading to a festival this summer, keep these seven tips in mind in order to have the safest and best time possible.

1. Don’t Bring Unnecessary Valuables
Festivals are times for bare essentials; there is no need to bring your tablets, smartphones, expensive watches and best designer accessories. Invest in a cheap throw away mobile and pickpockets will have absolutely no reason to target you.

2. Don’t Leave Your Drink Unattended
You cannot afford to be an overly trusting person in the presence of festival strangers. With alcohol flowing as much as is does at these events, it is absolutely vital that you have one eye on your drink at all times to avoid any dangerous situations.

3. Be Drug Wise
Drugs are an inevitability at festivals, so to completely ignore their health risks would be irresponsible. If you a person who is going to partake in recreational drugs, make sure you know where they are from and never be pressured in to taking more than you want to.

4. Find A Well Lit Camp Area
Camp areas are often very vast and span over numerous fields. If you want to ensure the best safety during the night then try to pitch your tent in a well-lit area, perhaps near a stewards’ viewing platform or near an entrance or exit.

5. Make Friends Will Neighbours
The phrase ‘safety in numbers’ is the key to this tip. If you in a small group or even alone then try to make friends with some of your nearby campers. The feeling of safety and contentment that you get from being part of a larger group may help to ease your worries.

6. Stick To Main Areas At Night
Stick to the main camp roads during the dark hours of night and early morning, you will have plenty of time to explore the ins and outs of the festival grounds during the day when there is more light and there are more people in and around the grounds.

7. Designate A Meet Up Point
Decide on a easy to find spot within the grounds that you and your friends can use as a meet up point should you be separated at any point during the weekend. This will be much easier than trying to get hold of one another on phones with failing signal and failing battery.