It’s the most dangerous time of the year……

As more and more of us are putting up our decorations and making our houses look like Winter Wonderlands it’s worth remembering that over the Christmas period approximately 80,000 people will need to be treated in hospital for accidents. These include the 350 people a year who are hurt by their tree lights and the 1,000 injured by their Christmas decorations!
Make sure you keep yourself and your family safe this year by following a few of our safety tips

Test your lights before you put them up and if they are a little bit worse for wear treat yourself to some new ones. New lights have to meet higher safety standards and will be safer in your home.

Keep bulbs and small decorations away from children and pets who could swallow them

Use a ladder to put up your decorations, don’t balance on a chair or someone else’s shoulders!

Here at OMS we love real Christmas trees but just a reminder not to water them when the lights are on! May seem like common sense but an estimated 35 people have died in the last ten years by doing just that!

So enjoy your decorations, be safe and stay out of hospital this festive season!!