Cut Sugar From Your Diet

1). Look At The Label
Learn what you’re putting into your body by paying close attention to food labels; the longer the list of ingredients, the more likely that sugar will make an appearance.

2). It’s All In The Name
Sugar can masquerade under several different guises so watch out! Syrups, molasses, sucrose and honey can often be found in ‘healthy’ products but they’re essentially a fancy name for the same thing.

3). Go Natural
Whole foods tend to have less processed sugar in them as they’re in their natural form and can present less metabolic problems for the body.

). One Step At A Time
Cutting out sugar altogether can be tough so it’s advisable to cut down in stages. For example, where you normally have two teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, why not try having one for a week followed by half a spoon the next week and so on. Eventually, you’ll just add milk and it won’t be such a shock to your system.

5).Fats And Proteins
Eating foods packed with sugar often fail to fill us up as they cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall, leaving us with rumbling bellies. Replacing sugary foods with protein and fibre rich products which slow down the release of blood sugar can control cravings and leave us feeling fuller for longer.

6).Beware Diet Brands
It can be tempting to go for diet drinks or sugar-free sweets as ‘healthier’ alternatives, however, studies have shown that this can actually lead to weight gain. When you eat a sugary product, your body naturally expects energy and nutrition but artificial sweeteners simply don’t give your body any of these things. Consequently, you end up eating more.

7). Spice It Up
Using spices, extracts and zests can add flavour to your food or drink without the health implications. If you’re used to a sugary cappuccino, why not add cocoa or vanilla powder for a tasty kick. Cinnamon is also fantastic for regulating your blood sugar levels and another delicious option.

8).Think Drink
Soda isn’t the only sugary drink in grocery stores, infact, many drinks which are considered healthy are often just as sugary like iced teas, smoothies, energy drinks and even some flavoured waters.

9). Vitamins And Minerals
Sometimes our bodies crave sugar because we simply aren’t getting enough of a certain vitamin or nutrient. Multivitamins, vitamin D3 and omega 3 fatty acids can combat the desire for sugar by giving our body what it needs.

10).Sleep It Off
Feeling tired makes us much more susceptible to eating sugary foods for that all important energy boost. Combat it with a good nights sleep.