Keep Warm This Winter

With winter just around the corner, it is important to stay warm and save money when the temperatures outside drop. Let us have a look at ten effective methods which can easily be implemented around the home.

The Rice Sock

This lesser-known trick is a great alternative to the traditional hot water bottle. Simply place dried rice within a sock and heat it up in the microwave for an excellent source of warmth.

Eliminate Drafts

Check for drafts around doors and windows. Sealing these off properly can save a massive amount of money in heating costs.

Seal off the Chimney

Remember that cold air can enter in through the chimney. So, make it point to be sure that the flue is closed when temperatures fall.

Close the Curtains

A good deal of heat can escape through windows (even the double-glazed versions). Close all curtains during the evening. This will help to keep a room warm while requiring less energy to heat the home.

Shut Doors to Empty Rooms

The doors to any rooms that are not being used should remain shut. Once again, heat will be maintained in the most important areas while energy consumption is significantly lowered.

The Tin Foil Radiator Edge

Placing a sheet of tin foil behind a radiator will help to reflect the heat outward into the room. Otherwise, the warm air has the tendency of rising directly to the ceiling.

Visit Friends

Another excellent means to lower monthly energy bills is to visit friends and family during one’s time off from work or school. The thermostat can be lowered thanks to these excursions; saving valuable money when not at home.

Open Certain Doors

There are some doors which should remain open at certain times. Allowing air to flow freely from the kitchen while cooking or from the bathroom when showering will enable this ambient heat to flow into other areas of the home.

Free Up Heating Sources

Make certain that radiators and vents are not blocked by furniture. This may entail rearranging a bedroom or living room during the winter months, but it is well worth the effort.

Choose the Best Energy Company

Finally, never forget that there may be better deals available by switching from your current energy supplier. Utilise online comparison charts to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.